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The Calliope Collective: A New Service for Independent Hotels

We are excited to introduce a valuable new service through PTG Consulting: The Calliope Collective, a stand-alone sales representation brand designed to help independent luxury hotels expand their reach in key markets.

We have an extensive reach, as well as direct access to key travel advisors worldwide, including the most exclusive, influential, and hard-to-reach advisors, making us the ideal partner to help achieve your goals. Our database access is second to none, giving the hotel the best chance of gaining the exposure needed.

We are proud to have a productive global network of long-standing relationships not only with the luxury leisure market but also with MICE and direct planners who bring high-end group business to our unique collection of clients.

There is great synergy between our US and European sales teams as they work hand-in-hand to target leads and win business. This cohesive approach gives an independent hotel a powerful advantage when pursuing increased market share across both European and US markets.

The Calliope Collective

Why The Calliope Collective? In Greek myth, Calliope is the most powerful of the nine muses. Presiding over eloquence, epic poetry, and music, her name also appropriately means "beautiful voice". Tying that into today's travel, the Calliope Hummingbird, named for that same muse, holds the record for flying an astonishing 5,000 miles per year between its summer and winter nesting grounds.

So, with Calliope as both our platform and guide, we invite you to fly along with us and let our beautiful voice help your hotel grow and thrive.

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