Springboard Hospitality Los Angeles
Optimizing Revenue Management Technology Landscape
Springboard Hospitality Case Study

Springboard Hospitality (formerly OLS) had 15 independent hotels all utilizing their own method of system set up, tracking, and reporting, making it very challenging for the corporate office to get roll up reporting for its portfolio of hotels. They reached out to PTG Consulting to standardize its revenue-related systems including CRS, PMS, and RMS to include a “perfect” hotel shell in each system and adjust current systems to represent the new standards (market codes, source codes, and rate codes).

While PTG Consulting was engaged initially for technology support, Springboard was going through significant internal staffing changes and experiencing growth in its portfolio. Therefore, Springboard requested support in a wide range of services for five of its hotels, intentionally allowing flexibility in scope. In addition, Springboard moved around some of its internal resourcing leaving its four hotels in West Hollywood, California in need of immediate revenue management support. They needed a trusted partner that could step in quickly and take over the day-to-day revenue needs.  

Springboard Hospitality Los Angeles
Revenue Management
The Solution
PTG Consulting created unique solutions to satisfy three distinct client goals: (1) Revenue & Distribution Technology: PTG Consulting streamlined all revenue-related system setup and technology for a collection of 15 hotels, which included reconfiguring their current set up in their CRS (SynXis), PMS (multiple different vendors), and RMS (IDeaS). This satisfied the goal to standardize each hotel’s set up and tracking methods allowing for improved reporting and analysis, and these new standards will also be used for all new hotels transitioning into the Springboard portfolio. (2) Revenue & Distribution Strategy: PTG Consulting provided a 320-hour program the client pre-purchased so the revenue team could execute on a combination of strategic and tactical work in a streamlined, efficient manner. (3) Revenue Strategy Services: PTG Consulting offered expert revenue management taskforce support to directly handle both Springboard’s strategic and tactical work, which included going onsite to four hotels for two weeks to onboard and learn about the hotels and their unique needs and goals. This solution helped successfully improve performance for two of the four hotels and maintain performance for other two of the four hotels, and assisted in regaining ownership’s confidence amongst the hotels.
The Results
Client successfully rolled out the implementation of cohesive revenue-related system setup and technology for all 15 hotels. PTG Consulting’s reconfiguration of the hotels CRS (SynXis), PMS (multiple different vendors), RMS (IDeaS) ensured operational efficiencies and allowed for increased revenue potential.
Client sustained tactical and strategical on-property revenue management needs during a time of high turnover. PTG consulting assisted in transitioning in new team members by sharing best practices and tactics to ensure hotels continued success.
Client Testimonial
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