The Pacific Alliance
Launching a Virtual Tradeshow
Alianza del Pacifico

The Pacific Alliance Annual Business Roundtable is one of the largest annual B2B travel trade events in the Latin American region when tour operators and travel agents meet with Asian Pacific inbound and outbound companies. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions on travel, public gatherings, and lockdowns, it was not feasible to conduct an in-person event in 2020, so the Pacific Alliance sought to launch a virtual version of the event.

The Pacific Alliance
PR & Media Relations
Travel Trade & Product Development (Tourism)
The Solution
Upon engagement, PTG Consulting identified and utilized online platform Eventtia due to its features conducive to a successful exhibition, including one-on-one real-time meetups between attendees and exhibitors. PTG Consulting conducted further support with media outreach to attain coverage of the event.
The Results
PTG Consulting exceeded expectations for The Pacific Alliance Annual Business Roundtable in terms of quality and volume of virtual attendees, achieving the following results:
Registered 103 exhibitors via the platform for a total of 1,863 appointments
Confirmed 14 media interviews for the event and distributed three press releases to PTG Consulting’s media database in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru
Following a post-event follow-up survey, received an overwhelming response that 93% of attendees would be interested in participating in this virtual format in the future
Exhibitors registered
Appointments confirmed in the application
Articles secured in South America
28 million+
Impressions generated from articles
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