Royal Savoy & Alpina Gstaad Switzerland
Driving US. and U.K Demand through Social Media
Royal Savoy & Alpina Gstaad

Two acclaimed hotels in Switzerland – Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne and The Alpina Gstaad – desired to drive demand for their properties during the summer months among U.S. and U.K. travelers, with a focus on creating strong positioning as ideal retreat getaways by highlighting their respective wellness features.

Royal Savoy & Alpina Gstaad Switzerland
Digital Marketing & Social Media
The Solution
PTG Consulting identified that the most strategic way to inspire consumers to book travel to both properties was through the production of vivid user-generated content. Therefore, the agency invited top-tier social media influencers from both the United Kingdom and United States to experience the ultimate Switzerland itinerary via a dedicated, collaborative, two-part FAM trip that provided immersive experiences at both hotels. Three influencers were chosen based upon their travel content, credible reputation, engaged audience of active travelers, and previous experience partnering with similarly aligned brands. PTG Consulting and the hotel teams worked together to plan a trip that facilitated the optimal amount of content opportunities – both on property and in their respective destinations – and ensured influencer content during and following the trip contained proper brand positioning, required account tags and hashtags, and a predetermined amount of content
The Results
The thoughtfully curated social influencer FAM trip garnered the following results:
Received 45 social media posts tagged with the official trip hashtag, #PHRinSwitzerland
Received 50+ Instagram story posts dedicated to The Alpina Gstaad and 25+ posts dedicated to Royal Savoy
Secured two comprehensive blog post reviews of hotel experiences on two of the influencers’ dedicated websites – and
Achieved additional content on top-tier media outlets’ social channels. The Alpina Gstaad was featured in an Instagram story by @TravelChannel (1.9 million followers), achieving 35,000-40,000 average views per story post, and the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne was featured in an Instagram post by AFAR magazine (242,000 followers)
Photos from The Alpina Gstaad were reposted by influential accounts including @beautifulhotels (3.2 million followers); (214,300 followers); and (716,1,00 followers)
1.8 million
Viewers with 5.8 million impressions
Average engagement per post
Social media posts and stories
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