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Pre-Opening & Opening

Conquer the complexities of launch

Let us help you conquer the complexities of opening your hotel. Regardless of the phase you are in, our experts will guide you through each stage of the process — from preliminary construction and design to integrated marketing initiatives that connect news of your launch with target audiences to drive action. We will ensure all relevant measures are in place to make your opening a marquis success in every aspect.

Revenue planning

We help maximize hotel revenue through solutions tailored to your unique needs. In collaboration with you, we can prepare a SWOT analysis and develop and execute strategies including segmentation, pricing, positioning, and channel management.

Budget creation and pricing

We know that the creation of comprehensive budgets is critical. That is why we will help you create and develop thorough pre-opening budgets, operating budgets, a top-line rooms revenue budget, and a healthy channel and segmentation mix.

Proforma development

With competitive set evaluations, we assist you by developing multi-year market projections and multi-year hotel proformas, including market penetration, revenues, and costs.

Sales, marketing, PR, and social media strategies

We have a proven track record in helping build critical buzz and impactful excitement ahead of openings of all sizes. With integrated PR and social media strategies that draw on our team’s ample expertise and with comprehensive, results-driven sales and marketing plans, we ensure all facets are in place for a successful launch.

Room and rate descriptions

Let us assist you in crafting thoughtful, enticing hotel, room, and rate descriptions (including packages and special promotions) to help attract and retain visitors.

Recruitment, staffing, and training

We understand the difficulty some hotels face in hiring permanent employees before opening. That is why we offer short- and long-term pre-opening task force support and resources like senior-level recruitment, customer service training, systems/technology training, and reservation sales training.

System configuration and optimization

We take care of the setup of key technological interfaces like point-of-sale, RMS, CRS, and PMS, and can set up third-party systems such as OTAs as well. We also load critical content like rates, inventory, descriptions, and visuals into those key systems.

Our Approach

Dedicated partners

Think of PTG Consulting as an extension of your hotel or destination’s core team. Our experts are collaborative, insightful, and eager to aid you at every step of the process.

Foresight and proactivity

We do more than just help solve your current pain points. We also anticipate any future needs that may arise, so you are never left wondering what is next.

Boutique & bespoke solutions

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the hospitality and travel and tourism industries. That is why we deliver custom, nuanced solutions for each of our clients.

Our Process


02. PLAN




We begin our process by listening to our clients’ needs, wants, and pain points, evaluating and assessing where they stand, and collaborating to ideate the best path forward.

Stakeholder interviews

Comprehensive audits, assessments, and evaluations

Maximize your revenue today

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