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Revenue Management

Reach your full revenue potential

Reach your full revenue potential. Regarded as an industry leader in revenue management and distribution, our revenue achievements consistently show index growth ranging from 110% to 143% RPI. Whether you need a comprehensive assessment, training, or task force resources, let our award-winning team collaborate with you to drive greater profitability and efficiency.

Revenue for hire

Revenue strategy is necessary to any hotel's success. This means the need for an experienced revenue professional is more critical than ever before. Our seasoned team offers both long-term and short-term tailored support through team collaboration and the creation and execution of strategies, all with the goal of driving profitability.

Competitive analysis and strategic positioning

Competitive positioning is a key component to a hotel’s success. Ensure you are always a step ahead of the competition by allowing us to assess your performance and opportunities against the right competitors. We analyze and deliver comprehensive assessments based on customer sentiment, segmentation, pricing, branding, and marketing efforts. We also recommend key strategies for optimal positioning and performance, ensuring you reach your full revenue potential.

Forecasting and budget modeling

We have several Excel-based automated tools that work with a variety of PMSs. They are designed specifically for hotels requiring revenue dashboards, as well as forecasting and budgeting models, enabling our team to consolidate key statistical data into one place. With this data, we are able to have more strategic reviews, discussions, and decisions to be made in collaboration with the hotel team.

Pricing and yield management

A sound pricing strategy is key to driving profitability to the bottom line, as well as attracting the ideal guest. Our team helps evaluate your current pricing position, market share, tools, and pricing decision processes. With a solid understanding of where you are today, we are able to recommend improvements for tomorrow.


We help you navigate a constantly changing distribution landscape. Whether you need a full distribution assessment or assistance in defining your distribution strategies, our experts are here for you every step of the way. Our services include detailed audits of all major channels, review and reconciliation of rates for bookability, and review and improvement of your online merchandising strategy, all with a goal of optimizing your distribution landscape to achieve your revenue potential.

Systems and reporting

Optimal system configuration and suite of reports is a key foundation to executing an effective revenue management strategy. We are well versed in revenue and distribution-related technology and excel at ensuring optimal set up, all with the knowledge of how the configuration of each system impacts the other, ultimately impacting your hotel’s ability to optimize revenue.

Our Approach

Dedicated partners

Think of PTG Consulting as an extension of your hotel or destination’s core team. Our experts are collaborative, insightful, and eager to aid you at every step of the process.

Foresight and proactivity

We do more than just help solve a hotel's current pain points. We also anticipate any future needs that may arise so you are never left wondering what is next.

Boutique and bespoke solutions

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the hospitality industry. That is why we deliver custom, nuanced solutions for each of our clients.

Our Process


02. PLAN



The first step in our process is to understand our clients’ needs, pain points, and opportunities, as well as their budgeting processes, existing systems, pricing strategies, and distribution channels. Through stakeholder interviews and comprehensive audits, we establish a solid foundation upon which to build an effective strategy.

Thorough discussions with client stakeholders

Audits of existing systems, processes, and strategies

Competitive analysis

Maximize your revenue today

Kathleen Cullen

Kathleen Cullen is Senior Vice President of Hospitality for PTG Consulting, bringing more than 25 years of diverse experience in the hospitality industry to her position. In this role, Kathleen leverages her astute ability to understand individuals’ strengths and line them up with hotels’ needs, as well as when and how to respond quickly to changes needed to guarantee a hotel’s success.

Prior to joining PTG Consulting in 2019, Kathleen held strategic senior leadership positions in the corporate offices of global hotel companies, launched her own consulting firm, authored professional publications, and worked in operational departments on the property level. Most recently, she was Senior Vice President of Revenue & Distribution for Two Roads Hospitality, responsible for overall revenue strategies and increasing hotel market share for a portfolio of more than 75 hotels, as well as optimizing the company’s revenue management foundation for all brands.

Kathleen is active in many industry organizations, having served as Vice President of the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association from 2000-2002 and Chair of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Revenue Management Advisory Board in 2014 and 2015. She is also the author of the best-selling industry revenue management publications including “Defining Revenue Management: Top Line to Bottom Line” and three editions of “Evolving Dynamics of Revenue Management,” which serve as the official study guide for the industry recognized-revenue management certification offered by HSMAI and are used in curriculum at universities including Cornell University, New York University, and Michigan State University. In 2014, she was named one of HSMAI’s Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales, Marketing and Revenue.

Kathleen attended Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts and holds certificates in Hotel Yield Management from Horand Vogel and Associates and E-Business Strategy from the University of Chicago. A mother of three, she resides in the San Francisco Bay area and fondly recalls past trips with her family, including the Swiss Alps where they enjoyed daily hikes, picnics, and plenty of pizza and gelato.

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Kathleen Cullen

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